Inexorable Flow

By: LightCentric

Aug 23 2009

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D200

Great Falls, Potomac River, Virginia

I first met my friend, Phil Dolinger, in the mid 1970’s.  We did not know we had photography in common back then, but we did know we both shared a passion for “hobbies” and trying new things in life.  Nearly 35 years later, we drifted apart for a few years and then reconnected a couple years back.  I am fascinated by the parallels, including our shared passion for photography.  On July 31, we got together for a morning of shooting at Great Falls, NP, Virginia.  We are both older than when we first met, but what strikes me is the inexorable flow of our lives, just like the Great River of the Potomac.

Thanks for a fun morning, Phil!


One comment on “Inexorable Flow”

  1. Okay. Now you’ve done it. I now see what colors can be pulled out given some serious post-processing. Or maybe you had your camera so dialed in, you didn’t need to do much afterward. Excellent color – especially in the center of the left-most spout.

    I’ve had many friends over the years where we did the normal things like going to movies or playing golf. A friend that you can spend a few hours shooting with is rare. That friend living 700 miles away, makes the odds of getting together more rare. I’ve only done it one other time over the years. The actual shooting is a solitary act but doing it with a friend nearby is special. You can compare settings. One can point out something the other may not have seen. Or like any good friendship or relationship, you can just enjoy being in each others presence. We photographers normally spend so much time shooting alone. These occasions are welcome exceptions. And as Andy has pointed out, on occasion, it’s surprising how two people can see and therefore create something so different from the same scene.

    Many of the subjects and scenes, we capture, are moments – a bird in flight or the unique balance of light and color in a fall scene. Though we’re not capturing this rare act of shooting together with a photo, it’s one of those special moments nonetheless.

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